HandyGames brings pure destruction gaming to Android in Bulldozer Inc

We really don’t have a lot of games available on Android just yet that caters to our need for rampant destroying buildings and other properties. So far we have Demolition Inc from Zeroscale Games as our only really offering for this sort of destructive enjoyment. HandyGames, however, has released a new game called Bulldozer Inc which might help fill that void.

In Bulldozer Inc you will be participatinng in the Bulldozer Cup, a competition based around how well you can destroy buildings and everything else in the area. It isn’t just about how fast you can take down the buildings but how efficiently as well so you will have to be as precise with your hits, as much as you can be with a bulldozer anyways.

Bulldozer Inc Features:

– Merciless destruction spree!
– Tournament mode and Challenge mode!
– 12 weapons of mass destruction to help you level everything!
– Extreme hard rock soundtrack and explosive sound effects!

You will also be able to purchase power-ups for your Bulldozer, pimping it out to do as much destruction with each hit as you possible can. This is pretty much a decent time killer for you to enjoy and get that needless destruction of property fix you may or may not be craving. Like all HandyGames releases lately, you can grab Bulldozer Inc off of the Google Play store for free.

Developer Website: HandyGames

Google Play Link: Bulldozer Inc

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