Samarost Developer Amanita Releases Psychedelic Horror Happy Game On Android

feature image for our happy game mobile release news piece, the image features two screenshots from the game such as the main character sat in bed surrounding by pink bunnies and two jellyfish monsters hovering above a teddy bear

The Happy Game mobile release is here. The game has been around since 2021, but only on PC and Switch. Now, we can finally play it on our smartphones on the go. It’s already a pretty popular game with a loyal following – especially with Anamita Design’s involvement. 

For more information about the game, you can download the game on Google Play, or visit the developer’s official website.

Who is Anamita Design?

Amanita Design is the brilliant developer behind games like the Samarost series, and Chuchel! It’s also working on a brand new game at the moment – Phonopolis. We’re keen to get our hands on any new Anamita Design content, and we highly recommend its work.

What is Happy Game?

In Happy Game, you play as a little boy who falls fast asleep. He wakes up inside of a terrifying nightmare, full to the brim with horrifying creatures and sounds. Throughout the game, you need to solve head-scratching puzzles as you explore the creepy environment of three nightmares. Suspicious bunnies and mysterious smiles surround you as you try to make your way out. 

Not only that, but you can also listen to the brilliant soundtrack by the Czech freakfolk band, DVA! The screeches accompany you as you try to navigate through each excruciating nightmare. We do need to mention that Amanita recommends that those who experience seizures and photosensitive epilepsy should avoid this game. 

This is due to the fact it includes flashing images and lights throughout. As this is a horror game, there’s also certain scenes that contain blood and violence, so if you’re squeamish, this may not be the game for you!

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, we’re big fans of the fantastic art style and sinister vibes. If you fancy a fun little horror game to enjoy while you’re in bed, or on the bus to work, give this one a go! We can’t wait to see what Anamita Design brings to the table next. Keep an eye on our news page for more announcements about their new game Phonopolis!

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