Happy Island – Android’s first true Freemium game?

About a month and a half ago we wrote about a Facebook game which is also available for iOS coming to Android called Happy Island. Basically in the game you run your own island and as you grow your attractions bring in income which you spend on improving your island. Well announced yesterday was that Happy Island has gone completely freemium.

What does this mean? Well the game is now free for download in all it’s full version glory and that you are now able to buy some special in-game items instead of having to pay for the game. As far as I’m aware this makes Happy Island the first true Freemium game available on the Android Market. What is even more interesting is that you can use the same user information, regardless of if you are playing on your Android phone, iOS or Facebook to buy these items.

“Taking Happy Island from Facebook to the mobile world as a freemium product is a definitive step in making Sibblingz a complete trans-platform social gaming solution,” says Ben Savage, Founder of Sibblingz (via their press release). “Now that the mobile game features premium virtual goods with micro transactions, it will give users a complete social gaming experience: play and spend anytime, anywhere.”


When we tested the game during its initial release there we some connectivity problems but those have since been cleaned up for the most part. Some of the items you’ll be able to purchase using real money are Bazaars, Beach Bungalows and Bakeries. Exciting, I know. Transactions will be processed through Google Checkout if you are using your Android phone at the time of purchase.

This could be the beginning of what we have been saying for awhile now, Freemium needs to come to Android and it seems to be starting finally. The update which will include the Freemium business model and the price drop to free should happen sometime next week. Whether the Beta version is updated or if it’ll be a new separate release is unknown.

Developer Website: Sibblingz

Direct Market Link: Happy Island

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