Hardline Studios announces their next game called metaBall

Hardline Studios has announces what will be their second release onto Android soon with a game called metaBall. Hardline Studios is the company behind the rather enjoyable space shooter Alpha Wave, but their new game is a lot different from that particular genre. After sitting and thinking of a proper way to describe this game, the best way to do it is with how the developer describes it: Marble Madness meets Q*Bert in a Tron universe.

metaBall is a unique ball rolling game where players will control a ball that they have to carefully roll around each stage. You will need to roll your ball around in order to ‘flip’ tiles on each stage from one state to another, with the goal of changing all the tiles to a specific state before time runs out. Some tiles will fall away while others will need to be flipped multiple times until they are at the correct state. Other tiles will also be only flippable in reverse. This isn’t including all of the obstacles that will be present in each stage trying to make it harder for you to complete.

metaBall Features:

– 30+ levels ranging from very easy to vertigo inducing
– precision control gameplay
– amazing visual effects
– epic musical score
– blue tooth and USB controller support
– achievements and leaderboards
– save progress via the cloud

metaBall is slated for release at some point in October 2015, although no specific release date or pricing has been announced. We will post an update once we learn more about those details.

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