Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Faces Backlash After Serious Change to Purchasable Packs After Special Promotion

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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened has already found itself in hot water. Despite being a fairly popular launch, players on the CN server noticed a significant change on the shop page. 

The battle pass and other packs obtained via the game’s premium currency, “Star Stone”, were suddenly only available to buy with real money instead.

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So, What’s the Issue?

While this doesn’t seem like much of an issue at first glance, the new feature was implemented conveniently after a recent double currency top-up promotion. Having a flat price on in-game packs can be useful, and it avoids the process of working out how many Star Stones you need to buy with the possibility of having too little or some extras left over.

However, if this was the case from the get-go, it wouldn’t be so much of a problem. This change was added to Harry Potter: Magic Awakened without warning and fans are demanding compensation. 

The Suspicoulsy Timed Promotion

The game was offering up an exclusive deal of obtaining double Star Stones for the first purchased recharge. This, in turn, tempted players into spending their money to get their hands on the additional premium currency.

Many players may have saved said currency for future purchases such as the battle pass or in-game shop packs. But, some of these packs are no longer available through the use of Star Stones, meaning those who did take part in the double currency offer have now wasted their money. 

Will This Change Come to Global Servers?

It’s important to note that this change has only taken place on the CN server as of right now. There has been no further news regarding whether this issue will also appear on the global servers. Perhaps the current backlash will prevent something like this from happening again amidst the hope that players on the CN server will be heavily compensated.

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