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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is coming June 21st!

The anticipated Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is making its way to the UK and USA on June 21st. Grab your wand and get ready to defend the muggle world from Death Eaters and even ferocious Werewolves.

What is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite can be best described as the love child of Pokemon GO and the Harry Potter universe.

The Calamity has struck causing elements of The Wizarding World to be exposed to Muggles. It’s up to you to help investigate and contain The Calamity, to stop the exposure of the entire Wizarding World.

As you explore, your map will reveal the locations of magic Foundables. Casting spells will overcome the Confoundable magic, allowing you to return these items back to the Wizarding World for a reward.

Casting spells uses energy, so be sure to stop by Inns found in the Muggle world.

If you are interested in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite then why not check out the official site? If you want to Pre-register for the game, then follow this link to the Google Play store.

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