Hasbro and DeNA team up to bring G.I. Joe and Dungeons & Dragons to Android later this year

Two rather big franchises are heading to mobile soon thanks to a new partnership deal between Hasbro and DeNA. Both G.I. Joe and Dungeons & Dragons will be making their way to Android and iOS later this year and will naturally be free-to-play games since they will be published by DeNA using their Mobage social gaming platform.

The two games will be G.I. Joe: Battleground and Arena of War, both of which are pretty different from each other in theme but similar in gameplay. In G.I. Joe: Battleground, players will be putting together a team of famous G.I. Joe troops or Cobra soldiers and battling it out against the opposing faction. There isn’t a whole lot of detail regarding this game just yet but it is being labeled as a strategy RPG so we can assume gameplay will most likely be turn-based.

Arena of War is the Dungeons & Dragons franchise title based around the Forgotten Realms universe where players will also be forming squads of heroes. You’ll have to do a lot of the standard RPG mechanics like completing quests and leveling up, all while dealing with tactics-style gameplay.

Since this is being published by DeNA and will be using their Mobage social gaming platform, both games will come with some form of multiplayer gameplay. Since both are group-based tactical style games, multiplayer will most likely be in the form of PvP and not Co-op multiplayer.

Both games have special offers up right now for anyone who pre-registers for either game before they launch. If you pre-register for G.I. Joe, you will receive a free exclusive in-game character for your team named Storm Shadow. This character will only be available for those of you who pre-register. When it comes to Arena of War, if you register ahead of time before the game launches, you will get a free exclusive (for pre-registered people only) ultra rare power when the game launches.

If you want to pre-register for either game, just go to the official sign-up page for each game.

Official Websites: G.I. Joe: Battleground | Arena of War

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