Hatchi will bring you back to your Tamagotchi virtual pet roots

Let’s admit it, most of us have probably had one of these at one point or another. In fact it doesn’t matter if we were kids or have already gone through adolescence, getting to care and caress one of those small virtual pets that some of us know as Tamagotchis was just awesome. Well, it’s time to take back those memories now that Portable Pixels Limited released Hatchi, their first game, and it really needs you to take care of your newly acquired pet.

The gameplay will have you taking care of your virtual pet. You must feed it, wash it, caress it, clean it and do some more nice loving activities as you see it evolve onto the next part of its life. In fact, your Hatchi will evolve differently depending on how much you care for it, or which activities you do the most. So whenever you have fully grown your first Hatchi, you can always get a second one and try a different approach to it.

The game is done in those old school pixel graphics you used to enjoy with these types of games, mostly found in the early handheld games. Hopefully you won’t get your smartphone confiscated in school or whenever you are just the way I used to back in the Tamagotchi days.

For those interested in getting back into raising a virtual pet, Hatchi is now available on Google Play and it costs a mere $0.99. Remember to care and feed your pet just like a real one, or you may get PETA on your back when your virtual pet dies.

Developer Website: Portable Pixels Limited

Google Play Link: Hatchi

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