Headup Games is Having a Sale

Headup are the guys who brought us Bridge Constructor Portal, The Inner World and In Between. Each of these titles deserves a little section explaining what the game is about, so keep reading!

The Inner World

The Inner World is a hand-drawn 2D point and click adventure game. Gameplay involves solving tricky puzzles, enjoying humorous dialogue and according to the trailer will take you six to eight hours to complete.

In Between

In Between is an emotive puzzler where they key to solving the puzzle involves manipulating gravity itself. Gameplay involves solving gravity-based puzzles, interacting with story sequences and listening to a narrator dissects his own life.

Bridge Constructor Portal

Bridge Constructor Portal is best described as a merge of two successful video games series, Portal and Bridge Constructor. Gameplay involves completing Aperture Science Test Chambers for vehicles. If you are craving a bit of Portal, but have played through the series too many times, then this is the game for you.

Dead Age

Dead Age is a zombie apocalypse game with real consequences. Not real-life consequences, but if your character dies in Dead Age, then there is no bringing them back. It’s up to you to survive the zombie apocalypse for as long as you can. Defend your camp, build alliances, craft equipment and make decisions that will impact your story down the line.

The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk

The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk is a sequel to the original Inner World, but it is also standalone, so you need not have played the original. The gameplay also involves entertaining dialogue, challenging puzzles and a multi-level hint system.

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