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Headup is Bringing Acclaimed Adventure Game Trüberbrook to Android

Headup Games has announced that it’s working on an Android version of its award-winning mystery adventure game Trüberbrook.

Already available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, Trüberbrook sees you taking on the role of American physicist Hans Tannhauser, who becomes embroiled in some highly consequential weirdness while holidaying in the titular village.

Twin Peaks Meets The X-Files

The game is set in 60s Germany, against the backdrop of the cold war and the burgeoning nuclear arms race between East and West. Headup describes it as a cross between Twin Peaks and the X-Files. 

Trüberbrook was created by the team behind Netflix series How to Sell Drugs Online, and it boasts an unusual, highly detailed graphical style based on hand-made models and a combination of real lighting and computerized effects. 

It’ll be available for Android this summer.

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