Hearthstone’s new game mode Tavern Brawl now available as well as other goodies in new update

The big update we have been expecting has finally arrived for Blizzard’s popular TCG title Hearthstone. Over the past couple of weeks we have been reporting on a few new features that Blizzard was teasing as coming soon. Those features are now here, all in one update for players to check out.

Tavern Brawl Game Mode

Last week Blizzard finally unveiled what the fourth game mode would be, which they began teasing a few days prior to their announcement. Tavern Brawl is a new custom ruleset game mode where each week players will go head-to-head like usual, but will have to follow whatever the new ruleset is for that week. For example, one week might feature preset decks everyone has to use, while another week might have specific minion types getting a buff, and so on.

Tavern Brawl is located in the main menu in the fourth spot. However, you can only access this game mode if any of the heroes you have are over Level 20. If you don’t have a hero above level 20 yet then you won’t be able to participate in Tavern Brawl, so expect nothing but experienced players here. Tavern Brawl runs off a weekly schedule, with the rules changing each week.

Here is the schedule that it will run off of:

Europe: Opens Wed. 05:00 PM CEST – Closes Mon 6:00AM CEST
Americas: Opens Wed. 10:00AM PDT – Closes Mon 3:00AM PDT
Taiwan/China: Opens Thurs. 03:00 AM CST – Closes Mon 6:00AM CST
Korea: Opens Thurs. 04:00AM KST – Closes 7:00AM KST

Following this schedule, this means that the first Tavern Brawl won’t start until tomorrow morning here on the west coast. So if you update the game and don’t see the Tavern Brawl button, that is why.

New Heroes

The other feature Blizzard was teasing recently was the addition of new playable heroes. These are strictly cosmetic changes and do not affect the gameplay at all. Currently there are three new heroes that can be purchased, and these will replace the current old hero for that particular class they represent. Along with the new hero, there are also new matching hero ability animations, matching card backs, new hero war cries, and a new animated portrait in the deck builder screen for each new hero.

New Heroes include:

– New Warrior Hero: Magni Bronzebread
– New Hunter Hero: Alleria Windrunner
– New Mage Hero: Medivh

These new heroes can be purchased for $9.99 each via the in-game store. When you buy one, you get all the matching goodies mentioned above as well.

Collection Manager

The Collection Manager has also been updated to allow players to assign card backs to each of their decks. So instead of having one card back for all your decks, which you can still do of course, you can now assign individual card backs for each deck you may have and use on a regular basis. This also means you can now view all your card back at once, in a more organized manner, as well as card back you haven’t earned yet.

Besides all the card back changes in the Collection Manager, there also happens to be a few changes. The card crafting button has moved to a new location, there are new hero tabs, filtering cards by mana can now be turned on and off be selecting the corresponding gems, and a new section has been added for filtering cards by set.

Various other changes

Two new card back have been added to the game (outside of the new matching hero card backs). There is the Galaxy Gifts card back and the Darnassus card back which can be earned by reaching Rank 20 or higher for the month of June. Blackrock Mountain game board has also been added to the official rotation of game boards for the entire game now.

As always, there also happens to be plenty of bug fixes which range from tweaked animations to actual bugs needing to be fixed, and a few various visual optimizations and performance improvements. The update is now live and available for Hearthstone players on all platforms.

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