All The Best Things In Life Are Free Especially In Heir Of Light: Eclipse

Lovely illustration of some of the cast from the upcoming game. The backlight makes for a soft glow on the spread of characters we see.

Heir Of Light: Eclipse is the vibrant and stunning fantasy RPG game that drops this September, and will be available on Android.

This game, with an already excited fanbase over on Reddit, catches you with its brilliant strategy gameplay, and beautiful art style. You’ll understand the hype when you see the trailer for the game below!

With generous pre-launch rewards, we can tell the devs are just as excited about this game’s launch as we are!

Where All The Hype Is At

Surely you don’t want to miss out, so be sure to loot all the rewards available from the game’s Official Site, as well as this hidden gem early bird giveaway tucked away in the Reddit community. That isn’t all, as events are also being hosted on Facebook, Twitter, and even Discord!

Over on the official site, we get enriched with teasers about the HOL: Eclipse world. As the introduction, well, introduces, you step into a world with much to discover.

Summon your favourite servants and create your dream squad, fight and conquer epic guild bosses alongside your summons, and strategize your combat through various modes.

Meet The Characters

I can’t stall the introduction of the characters any longer! Meet the front liners of Heir Of Light in all their glory.

The aesthetics of these characters are so beautifully presented through the art style of the game, I personally adore the look of Christine! Though, I’m definitely biased when it comes to gothic-coded characters. The official page for HOL: Eclipse dives into the stories and lore of each of these line-ups.

Oh, I almost forgot! HOL: Eclipse also has a milestone event which, with your help, can generate impressive rewards for the entire community upon launch! You have the rare opportunity to increase the bounty by following the social media pages of HOL: Eclipse.

It’s definitely worth it as if the Milestone Event reaches a daring 1 Million, each player will be awarded 3 Special Summon Stone Chests! (and possibly the previous tier rewards too).

Upgrade Your Text Too?

As if not spoilt enough, the creators have also released the font they used for the game! Also known as the Heir font, this unique style for alphabetical text brings whimsical and sharp lettering to your keyboard. Did I mention that the font is also free? You can find the download for it here.

I think that about wraps up what we know on Heir Of Light: Eclipse so far! With many riches to claim and already packed with story and excitement we know this game is going to be a hit for all the loyal RPG fans.

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