Help a thief steal colored cubes in a new Sokoban style game called Puzzle Thief

There are a lot of new games every day landing on the Android Market and it is hard to find these games sometimes due to the lack of a “Just In” type of category on theer. Today we got word of a great Sokoban type of puzzle game called Puzzle Thief that recently just arrived onto Android.

Puzzle Thief is a neat little Sokoban-style of a game where you are helping out the little thief who wants to steal the colored puzzle blocks on each level. This is done by pushing them together and, once all together, you can pocket them for your own profit. I’m not sure what the black market prices are for colored 3D cubes but apparently they must be pretty decent, at least for this little thief.


  • 75 Puzzles + free updates
  • Discover the secrets behind bolted cubes, hammer cubes and more! Match all of the cubes correctly in each level to steal them.
  • Charge your power meter and zap your way out of puzzling situations. Unlock Puzzle Thief’s amazing special abilities and more!



This little game, well we shouldn’t say little since it has 75 levels, comes with some neat features like your thief actually having special abilities as well as some of the cubes. It’s like a match-3 puzzle game blended in with a Sokoban game to be more precise. To round it all off it looks pretty good graphically as well. Puzzle Thief comes in two flavors: a free lite version to try out and a full paid version.

Developer Website: Digital Seed Entertainment

Android Market Link: Puzzle Thief

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