Help paint your own comic strips in Brutus & Futée, now available for $2,99

Enjoy reading comics in the Sunday paper, maybe as a kid? I sure did. Well, in Brutus & Futée, the eponymous protagonists are a pair of comic strip characters that entered retirement after their creator mysteriously disappeared. Bored in retirement and longing for the more adventurous days of starring in a strip, they end up experiencing the type of prank that a creator might perform on them, in a strip.

This leads them into an adventure where players must control Brutus and Futée, albeit indirectly. Players assume the role of a creator, of sorts, where there is a limited amount of ink available, and players use it to change the scenery and background environment around them in the hopes of allowing them to safely pass the various traps and obstacles in the game.

Brutus & Futée Features:

• Paint objects to create many different situations.
• Paint background elements and manage the ink gauge.
• Touch the objects to activate them.
• 12 chapters full of humor
• Interact with the environment and see how the characters react accordingly
• Greatly animated characters, halfway between the video game and an animated series

Brutus & Futée is currently available for $2.99 on Google Play. Before dropping three bucks to download this game, you can check it out in action in the video below. It is a pretty decent time killer and it does have plenty of humor in it to enjoy.

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