Help Robo-Ninja rebuild himself to save humanity in Robo-Ninja

Released by Bite The Chili Productions (awesome name, Dev!), Robo-Ninja is a Metroidvania-style game, where players control the eponymous Robo-Ninja, a cyborg that has a motorized unicycle in lieu of legs.

He was created by a benevolent scientist with the intention of having it protect history, humanity, and combat evil, only to see it nearly ruined and its components scattered. With simple controls, tapping to jump and an on-screen button to activate slo-mo, players are basically timing the jumps of Robo-Ninja throughout the levels to retrieve the missing components and defeat evil.

Robo-Ninja is available from Google Play in two flavors. There’s a version that’s absolutely free (no ads or IAPs), and a donate version for $0.99.

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