Help save the last king in Onion Force, now out for Google Play

Released by Queen Bee Games, Onion Force is a quasi-Tower Defense game that’s new to Android. In this game, players will be tasked with preserving the last king from facing his doom. This will be done in a hybrid fashion.

Part of the game will be played by attempting to stop the opposing army from passing beyond the line of demarcation that must be preserved. There are a variety of different tools available to players. There are the conventional towers one would expect in TD, such as the sniper and bomb towers, to name a few. They can be upgraded within the game. Beyond that though, and this is where the “quasi” comes into it, there is also some action-adventure in the game.

Players will prepare a team from their cast of characters, equip them from the thousands of different pieces of equipment available. Soldiers can be called into battle if things are going against you. There are three types of classes available to the player, for the character that the players control: Warrior, Bowman, or Wizard. Each of these characters have unique abilities and shortcomings. To make gameplay more interesting, players can switch between these classes at will. The game contains thirty different levels that are spread over a half dozen different locations, with onions sprinkled in along the way. Players can collect these and use them as currency, for procuring power ups to use in subsequent battles.

Onion Force Game Features:

  • Stand-out cartoon graphics and stellar special effects & animation
  • 3 playable heroes, each with their own unique abilities
  • 6 fully fleshed out locations with 30 expansive levels
  • Thousands of pieces of equipment to collect and equip
  • 8 different towers types with 5 different power levels each
  • Collectable onions to trade for a wide variety of power-ups
  • Adjustable game speed.

There’s also treasure hidden in locations that are off the proverbial “beaten path” and not indicated on the map. The soundtrack was composed by Oxygenfad, and will have a strong, electronic feel to it. Onion Force is available off of Google Play for a flat $2.24 with no additional IAPs. You can check out its trailer below before grabbing a copy.

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