Help save the world through idle clicking in Shadow Clicker, now available from Google Play

Released by UPgames, Shadow Clicker is a new idle clicking game for the Android platform. In Shadow Clicker, players are looking to save their world from dark forces that are hell-bent on conquering it. You will use the simple mechanic of tapping in order to do battle with, and hopefully defeat, the hordes of monsters, as well as other functions such as opening chests and collecting treasure.

This treasure, in turn, can be used for things such as recruiting mercenaries to fight while you’re absent, and acquiring new abilities, or ways to generate more income. Players will seek to hit the level cap for each world. Once a world is cleared by defeating a bosz, players will be “reborn” to start the cycle again. The boss of a given world can’t be engaged by players until ten other monsters have been defeated, though players can continue clearing a world as long as desired, before facing a boss.

Shadow Clicker Features:

– Unique noir design
– Different themed locations
– Awesome mercs, your troops, they will make your progress even when not playing
– Hordes of different monsters
– Achievements with an award
– Leaderboards, compare your progress with friends or all other players
– You can listen own music during gameplay with your player

Shadow Clicker is available for free from Google Play. The game contains both optional IAPs, as well as optional Ads, which means if you don’t want to see the ads to support the developer, then you can turn them off. Prospective players can check out the trailer below to see more of the game in action.

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