Here are All The Details on PUBG: New State’s Survivor Pass

With just one day left before PUBG: New State is launched onto a very suspecting public, Krafton has released a new video that showcases the game’s Survivor Pass mechanic.

It’s basically the game’s version of a season pass, and it’ll be updated every month with new challenges and rewards to keep you jumping back into the rebooted battle royale action.

The first chunk of the Survivor Pass is focused on Sam, the main character in the game’s story, and sees you completing missions to unlock equipment and cosmetic items. Here’s a trailer.

The Survivor Pass is the latest part of the PUBG: New State experience to get a showcase, following on from the Team Deathmatch mode that Krafton revealed last week.

There’s still just enough time to pre-register for PUBG: New State on the Play Store, if you like jumping on the bandwagon at the last possible second. You can do it by clicking right here.

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