Here is a huge list of confirmed games heading to OUYA

As we have seen in the recent past whether it is from all the submissions in OUYA’s CREATE competition or just from news from developers making games, OUYA has a lot of developers interested in the Android-powered console. We now have a really big list of confirmed games heading to OUYA which includes some rather big titles like Square Enix’s Final Fantasy III, Adhesive Games’ Hawken and Double Fine’s The Cave and Reds.

This list of confirmed games is so big we can’t even post it here properly. If we were to take a guess at how many games happen to be in this list, we would have to say about 300 at least. The really great thing about this list as well is that almost all of the games are linked to the appropriate forum post or developer website which contains screenshots and sometimes even videos of these upcoming games.

We are going to sift through the list and pick out some of our favorites that we happen to find and share them with you. If you find a few you happen to think will be great games to play on OUYA, let us know in the comments below as we will check them out.

Website Referenced: OUYA Forums – Game List

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