Here is today’s live stream schedule for E3 2015 coverage, beginning today at 9am PST

Well today is the official Day 1 of E3 2015, with yesterday being technically Day 0 since it is just press conferences all day, and even though the press conference day was yesterday, there is still some happening today as well. There is also plenty of live coverage of the actual E3 show floor as well happening.

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So here is today’s schedule of press conferences and overall E3 2015 coverage. Just like yesterday, we will be co-broadcasting some of the E3 2015 coverage live on our Twitch channel, which those will be marked in bold in the list below. We won’t be talking during some of it, as we have plenty of meetings to attend to, but we will be discussing everything later this morning and tonight after we get back.

YouTube at E3 2015

YouTube is still going strong with their E3 2015 live coverage, with today having all day live coverage of the press conferences this morning and general coverage all day. There’s no specific schedule right now for this channel, so everything is just a surprise!

YouTube: Day 1 Live E3 2015 coverage

Twitch at E3 2015

Of course Twitch is continuing their smothering of E3 2015 with all their live coverage. Right now they are rebroadcasting the Day 0 coverage they did yesterday. Starting just before 9am PST today, the live coverage for E3 2015 will kick into effect, with the first event being the Nintendo Digital Event, followed by Square Enix’s press conference, which should be good, and plenty of other big conference after that. Like yesterday, if you don’t want to deal with the madness of the Twitch channel chat, you can watch coverage at each company’s specific Twitch channel which most can be found through Twitch’s E3 channel hub.

Twitch: Day 1 Live E3 2015 Coverage | Twitch E3 2015 Channel Hub | DroidGamers on Twitch

Like I mentioned earlier, we will be co-broadcasting a lot of the press events and coverage today, and discussing everything that is announced, especially if it is mobile related. We had a lot of fun yesterday talking about everything as it was announced live, so today should be even better. We also fixed the sound issues we were having at the beginning of yesterday’s stream, so that won’t be happening again!

The entire schedule for today’s E3 2015 live coverage is below:

9:00am: Nintendo Digital Event
10:00am: Square Enix Conference
11:00am: Ubisoft
12:00pm: Deep Silver
12:30pm: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
1:00pm: Xbox
1:30pm: Activision
2:30pm: EA
3:00pm: Square Enix
3:30pm: Nintendo
4:00pm: Activision
4:30pm: PlayStation
5:00pm: Activision
5:15pm: 2K Games
5:30pm: Wrap-up

DroidGamers on Twitch

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