Here’s Everything That’s Happening to Celebrate World of Tanks Blitz’s 7th Anniversary

World of Tanks Blitz, the handheld tank-based multiplayer battler has been out for seven years. That’s a really long time. To celebrate, Wargaming has unveiled a massive pile of new content, updates and modes. And you can read about them all right here.

For starters, the game is getting updated to version 8.0. This adds more realistic graphics, as well as some new heavy American tanks for you to play with. The graphical tweaks will add new mud and water effects, and a bunch more upgrades too.

The new tanks range from tier VII to tier X, and are, in ascending tier order – the M-VII-Yoh, the M-III-Yoh, the M-V-Yoh and the M-VI-Yoh. They feature big guns, special tracks and loads more. For more details on them, click here.

Later in the month, some more treats are coming too, in the form of Blitzland, the tank-themed amusement park. You can visit the shooting gallery from June 14th-21st, and the Strength-o-Meter from June 21st-28th. You’ll be able to win the Tier V Pz. IV Gargoyle and the Tier VII Kunze Panzer.

The celebration will also see the return of the Mad Games and Uprising Modes. From June 21st the souvenir stall will be open for a week as well.

“World of Tanks Blitz has a tradition of dropping important updates and adding special activities on its anniversaries to celebrate them together with the community. This June, we treat our player base to a slew of long-developed improvements to graphics that will make the battlefield visual experience even more realistic without impacting the performance, a new U.S. tank line with a fresh mechanic, and lots of fun modes and events,” says Andrey Ryabovol, WoT Blitz Product Director.

All of which sounds pretty awesome. For more on the update and anniversary, click here to check out the World of Tanks Blitz website. And if you’d like to give the game a go, you can grab it from the Play Store by clicking here.

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