Here’s How Big Brother: The Game Will Work

Big Brother: The Game is coming on October 15th, and developer 9th Impact has reached out to Pocket Gamer to explain how the innovative project is going to work once it goes live.

Players will have the choice of becoming either contestants or spectators. Those who choose the contestant path will be sorted in to various houses of around ten people, with housemates able to communicate with each other via DMs.

These virtual housemates will have to play a competitive game every morning to determine the head of the house, who will then have the responsibility of nominating two fellow housemates for eviction. The remaining housemates get to vote for their preferred evictee.

Once the housemates have been whittled down to one, the winner will enter a new house made up of other winners. And so on until a final overall winner is established next May.

Spectatators will only be able to watch, it seems, while evictees will be able to re-enter the house at whatever tier they crashed out at, as long as there’s a space available.

Interesting. Big Brother: The Game will be out on October 15th.

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