Hero Chess attempts to perfect the Auto Chess formula, out now in beta on Android

Hero Chess Android

When Robot Panda played Auto Chess, the hit Dota 2 mod, they thought to themselves: we can do better than this. So they did, and created Hero Chess.

Hero Chess is Auto Chess in all but name. You’ll select your own team from 50 different heroes, place them in a formation, and battle other players.

Hero Chess features over 50 different heroes to choose from

There also seems to be a few extra gameplay modes, including a boss fight and extra challenges. The official site doesn’t go into any more detail than that though.

If you’d like to learn more, head on over there and soak up all of the information. It includes screenshots and links to the official Reddit and Discord.

You can also grab the beta version of the game as an apk if you’d like to check it out right away. Enjoy!

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