Herocraft launches a new game onto Android called KiKORiKi

Herocraft has been rather silent as of late when it comes to game releases onto Android. However, that has changed as they have just released a new game onto Google Play which breaks away from their usual types of games they have released in the past.

Their new game is called KiKORiKi which is actually a side-scrolling action game with a bit of an interesting twist to it. The main characters in this game are the KiKORiKi as well as you. Since the KiKORiKi work better together then individually, you will actually be controlling two of them at any given time.

KiKORiKi Features:

– Team up with your favorite characters
– Use the Kikoriki’s special powers together to quickly solve tasks
– Defeat all the Bosses
– Explore a colorful, interactive world with destructible objects

All the KiKORiKi have special powers which you will need to use in order to reach your objective. What is your objective? To defeat the evil that is threatening your land. KiKORiKi is split up into three chapters which you will be playing through. The visuals are quite nice as well and the environment includes destructible objects. As with any good side-scroller you will also have bosses to defeat.

If you are up for a little side-scrolling arcade action this weekend then you might want to check KiKORiKi out. It is available off of the Google Play Store for $0.99.

Developer Website: Herocraft

Google Play Link: KiKORiKi

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