Herocraft Mass Updates

Herocraft, the developers of many popular Android games including Farm Frenzy, M.U.M.U., Zum-Zum and more just dropped a bunch of updates to a lot of their games on the Android market.

Games that received an update are:

– Revival Deluxe (Lite and Full)

– SpacePort (Lite and Full)

– Eurofighter (Lite and Full)

– M.U.M.U. (Lite and Full)

– Postal Babes (Lite and Full)

– Twice (Lite and Full)

– WinGames 3-in-1 (Lite and Full)

– Stolen in Sixty Seconds (Lite and Full)

– Revival 2 (Lite and Full)

– Black Shark 2 (Lite and Full)

Updates include things from 480 screen support to improved controls and graphics. If you own one of these games or used to have them on your phone and still have access to them in the paid market (i.e. didn’t refund it) then go check them out. It’s good to see these updates roll out as there were complaints about controls being bad for a lot of devices for some of these games, hopefully these have been greatly improved. I’m trying some out right now.

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