Herocraft releases Scrubs, blends plenty of genres into one title

We have known for awhile that Scrubs was coming to Android courtesy of Herocraft and for those of you waiting to play the game, the wait is finally over and Scrubs is now available on the Android Market for download. Interestingly enough this game blends quite a few styles of gaming into one title.

You will be playing as a new intern who will be working along side all the cast members of the show. As a grunt in the hospital, it’ll be your job to fulfill all the requests that these guys dish out to you such as finding missing possessions, scattered fancy dress costumes and even misplaced medical supplies! This isn’t just a hidden objects game though as there are all sorts of things you will be doing such as completing quests and solving puzzle but the core part is that of a hidden objects game.

Scrubs Features:

– Varied gameplay genres: hidden object, quest, adventure and puzzles
– Medical based mini-games
– A dozen familiar game locations
– All your favorite Scrubs characters
– Humorous comic book style graphics
– Black comedy storyline

There are also plenty of mini-games to unlock which will have you doing a range of things from stitching body parts to racing wheelchairs and everything in between that you can think of that is medical-based. This new title from Herocraft should appeal to a lot of different gamers out there but mostly those that enjoy puzzle and hidden objects games.

Of course Scrub fans as well. This game comes in two flavors on the Android Market, a free demo to try out and a full version which is current on sale to celebrate the launch for $0.99 which is 50% off the normal price. You can check the game out in action in the video below.

Developer Website: Herocraft

Android Market Link: Scrubs

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