Herocraft will be bringing the Disciples III PC game to Android

Herocraft has announced that it has acquired the license for the PC game Disciples III and will be bringing it to mobile devices soon. Yes, this does include Android. This game came out for the PC back in 2010 and its actual full name is actually Disciples III: Renaissance.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the PC version of Disciples III: Renaissance, this particular title is a turn-based strategy game developed by Game Factory Interactive. You will take the role as one of the lords of Nevendaar by selecting one of the three playable races: The Empire, Legion of the Damned or the Elven Alliance. Basically you choose from Human, Elves or Undead/Monsters.

When it comes down to battling it out with your enemy, you have a variety of units and buildings to choose from and you can even make use of the terrain as fortifications. You will have your hero character as well which can be customized with various weapons and armor along with special abilities as well.

That is the quick explanation of Disciples III: Renaissance and the game is much deeper than we make it out to be in the above description and visually the game is quite polished. While the PC version did have some flaws in it, Herocraft has stated that it will try and fix those issues before releasing it onto Android devices. So when can you expect to play Disciples III on your Android device? Well you will have to wait a bit as it isn’t slated for release until some time in 2013.

Website Referenced: Pockett (French)

Official Website: Disciples III: Renaissance

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