Hexage HD games now available and on sale!

Hexage has been developing games for Android for awhile now and every single one of them have been great games. Following the release of their most recent game, EVAC, Hexage has also launched their games in HD versions for HD phones and the upcoming Galaxy Tablet. What’s eben better is to celebrate the launch of HD titles, all of them are on sale!


Hexage says, “All HD versions have been redesigned and packed with better graphics, visual effects, and new features.”

HD titles now available:

  • EVAC HD – $1.56
  • Everlands HD – $0.81
  • Radiant HD – $0.81
  • Totemo HD – $0.81
  • Buka HD – $0.81

The sale is also for those who bought the SD versions and want to upgrade to the HD versions without buying the games at full price. The sale won’t be lasting long though, so if you have been meaning to get a Hexage game, including the new EVAC, then now is definitely the time to make that purchase. The sale lasts until November 12, 2010 at which point the prices will jump back up to their regular price, $3.16.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Developer Website: Hexage

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