Hexage releases their new Action-RPG Reaper – Tale of a Pale Swordsman

A few days ago on Friday we reported on Hexage who had just started teasing their next release for Android gamers to get their hands on called Reaper – Tale of a Pale Swordsman. We didn’t have a specific release date available or anything like that, only that it was coming soon. Well soon happened to be really soon as this game has now landed on Google Play.

This particular game definitely goes out of the realm in regards to the types of games Hexage usually makes. An Action-RPG is a pretty lofty genre to get into especially when you’re usually making retro style arcade games or strategy titles. Players will be entering into the side-scrolling fantasy world with the goal of becoming the Black Swordsman.

Reaper Features:

• Take countless quests and uncover the secrets of Wilderness
• Level up your character with skills of your choice
• Hundreds of swords, armor and accessories to equip
• Play all sides and make your own decisions
• Google Play Games leaderboards, achievements, and cloud save
• Support for HID game controllers (MOGA, Nvidia Shield, Nyko, etc.)

Many of you are probably very happy to see that this game fully supports HID controllers. The other great thing about this game is that the story isn’t linear, so you can do as you please and that makes this game different each time you start over.

If you’re up for checking this new Hexage title out, Reaper – Tale of a Pale Swordsman is now available to download off of Google Play for free to try out (you can play till your character is level 10 for free). If you like the game you can unlock everything through a one-time in-game purchase.

Google Play Link: Reaper – Tale of a Pale Swordsman

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