Hidden Gem: Hamsteria – Alien Hamsters bent on destroying our cities

Welcome to another addition of our Hidden Gem series of articles. In this particular article we are going to talk about an interesting indie game called Hamsteria by a developed named Sean McCracken. Aside from having an awesome last name, Sean has developed a great little game called Hamsteria which is all about destruction.

In Hamsteria you play as an alien hamster who’s sole purpose is to roll around in a giant hamster ball bent on destroying as much of our lovely planet’s floating cities as possible during the allotted time. They are floating cities because this is in the future and that’s what we do in the future, build floating cities.


  • 8 Unlockable Levels with different City Patterns
  • Hamsteria is Time Aware, so if you play during the Daytime the game is during the day, if at night, you are playing in a futuristic Night City.
  • Tons of Bonuses including: GROW, Point Multipliers, and Unlockable Flying Saucers able to vaporize dead buildings!



Hamsteria, aside from being entertaining to those who love to just destroy stuff, even if it is our own futuristic cities, is actually a pretty nice looking game. Everything is wrapped up in some nice 3D graphics and animation and while you are rolling around destroying buildings with your giant hamster ball you happen to be rolling around in, you’ll notice some pretty solid physics as well. There is just one catch though when it comes to you rolling around causing havoc and destruction, you can’t fall off the edge of the city. They are floating after all!

Hamsteria is not a maze game nor it is any sort of puzzle game. It’s pure destructive entertainment which is nice for a change. Your controls are an onscreen virtual joystick which is all you need to control your hamster ball. Of course what good game filled with destruction and chaos wouldn’t have power-up to collect to help out in said destruction. The game will also reflect the time of day it is in real life. So if it is nighttime while you are playing it, it will be nighttime in-game as well. Same goes for when you are playing it during the daytime.

The developer has more planned for Hamsteria including cross-platform leaderboard (for when it’s released on iOS and the Nook) as well as several more gameplay modes slated to arrive in the very near future, like a week or so. This is a game made just to have fun playing whether it’s for a short or long period of time and when we say it’s an indie game, it’s a true indie game with the developer even making the music for it.

If you are up for some good old fashion destruction fun which happens to be done by a giant alien hamster in a ball, you might want to check out this game. It was released a few days ago and is available on the Android Market for $1.00. Amazingly this game has been grossly overlooked on the Android Market (only 34 copies sold yet has 5 star ratings for each review left) which just reminds me why we need the ‘Just In’ section back.

Developer Website: Sean McCracken a.k.a Seantron

Android Market Link: Hamsteria

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