Hidden Gem: Trap Hunter – Lost Gear. A unique dungeon crawler RPG for Android

It’s been a little bit since we did a Hidden Gem post here at DroidGamers, mostly because it’s a bit more difficult to find hidden gems now that the Just In section is gone from the Android Market. However, we continue our journey to find hidden gems for all of you and today we bring you Trap Hunter – Lost Gear.

Trap Hunter – Lost Gear, or THLG for short, is a top-down isometric dungeon crawling RPG title that came out back in June of this year. It’s dark, it’s menacing and it’s pretty damn fun to play. All of it is wrapped up in some pretty solid 3D graphics as well and you definitely feel like you are tromping around in a massive dungeon, killing creatures using traps, completing missions and getting gear.


The gameplay is what really makes this particular dungeon crawler unique when compared to other ones that are available. While you do have direct combat that you can do, the main method of combat happens to be the use of an artifact in your possession called the Trap Gear. Essentially most of your combat will be done by setting traps for the enemy creatures to get damaged in until they die. Boss fights heavily rely on the Trap Gear more than any other combat situation you will get into.

This also brings a neat element of strategy and challenge to the game since there is some planning involved when dealing with monsters. There are over 20 different traps for you to use, each with their own strengths and abilities such as wall mounted arrow traps or ground poison traps. Creatures that are more intelligent than others will actually be able to avoid some traps as well so you have plenty of opportunity to test out strategies in the game.

The one issue the game does seem to have is that is can crash a lot on certain devices as seen from some of the comments on the Android Market. It doesn’t seem to be specific with devices it happens on although the EVO 3D seems to be the most affected.

If you are a fan of roguelike dungeon crawling RPG titles then you may want to check this one out. There is a free lite version you can try out before you purchase the full version which will run you around $5.00 to purchase. You can see the game in action in the trailer above. This game is definitely geared towards the more hardcore RPG fans.

Developer Website: ASH

Android Market Link: Trap Hunter – Lost Gear

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