Higan: Eruthyll Pre-Registration Rewards Have Been Announced

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The developer’s for Higan: Eruthyll have announced the pre-registration rewards that you can obtain by pre-registering for the game. Each reward has specific milestones ranging from 100k to 1 million.

All you have to do is sign up with your email address to pre-register. As each milestone is met, the entire player base will unlock a reward. You can then obtain these rewards as soon as the game is out next year.

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Higan: Eruthyll Pre-Registration Rewards Milestones

Let’s discuss the Higan: Eruthyll pre-registration rewards below.

  • The 100k mark rewards you with 30,000 Credit Points
  • The 300k mark rewards you with 2 Fine Wit Potions
  • The 500k mark rewards you with 1 Advanced  Eitr Enhancer
  • The 700k mark rewards you with 6,000 Starlight Revelation (Worth 20 pulls)
  • The 1 million mark rewards you with a free 3-star character called Media

The game seems to be pretty popular at the moment amongst gacha fans, with many players eagerly awaiting the release. Only time will tell which milestone will be met by the release date. We’ll keep our eye on the Higan: Eruthyll pre-registration rewards milestones and report back to you when there are any updates.

The game has already received 100k pre-registrations. This means the entire player base who pre-register before the release date will receive the 30,000 Credit Points reward.

Where Will I Find My Pre-Registration Rewards?

On the official Higan: Eruthyll website, the developers state that these milestone rewards can be found in your mailbox. From the looks of it, you can view this mailbox once you complete the tutorial/prologue at the start of the game.

You can pre-register on this website by using your email address or phone number. This means you should register with an email address that you will still be active once the game releases. 

An extra surprise from the developer’s is an exclusive giveaway event. You need to join the official Discord server to be in with a chance to win Amazon gift cards and a Switch Oled console.

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