Higan: Eruthyll Takes On Honkai Star Rail With April Release

Feature image for our Higan: Eruthyll release date news. It shows several members of the Gopher Troupe in the dream realm, looking towards a structure.

The RPG Higan: Eruthyll release date is coming on April 6th. The impressively pretty-looking strategy gacha RPG will touch down across the world next month, and pre-registrations are up and running.

This might all seem routine, though if you take a closer look you might see that it’s a surprising choice.

A Bold Release Strategy

The Higan: Eruthyll release date is a bold and potentially risky choice. It will put the game’s global launch less than three weeks before the arrival of MiHoYo’s approaching RPG behemoth Honkai Star Rail.

Is developer BiliBili approaching the gacha goliath with supreme confidence in its high-effort 3D title? Or is it just keen to try and get in first and hook as many potential players as possible before Star Rail gets on the scene? Either way, it’s an interesting gamble.

While it’s probably not working with a MiHoYo budget, Higan: Eruthyll doesn’t look shabby by any means. The strategy RPG takes place in a gorgeously rendered 3D world and follows the adventurers of the Director protagonist, who finds himself in the world of FantasyLand with little idea where he came from.

Crystals, Castaways, And Creatures Trying To Steal Your Body

He’s picked up by the well-meaning Gopher Troupe, a band of fighters who he shares a common trait with. They’re all Castaways, people who don’t resonate with a big God-crystal. As a result, the religion associated labeled them as a lesser class. The God-crystal religion probably sounds immediately suspicious if you’ve played just about any JRPG.

You’re also partially possessed by some kind of malevolent flying rabbit-axolotl that lives in your astrolabe. It’s a long story.

Your character isn’t really the fighting sort, and as a result, you’ll instead be commanding the troupe and making the most of their skills. You can position fighters on a grid and particular skills activate over certain areas to deal massive damage. Your troupe will also be talking and bickering throughout, which is kind of fun.

If this madness takes your fancy, you can pre-register now via Google Play.

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