Higan: Eruthyll Soft Launches In Select Countries On February 23

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Bilibili has finally announced that Higan: Eruthyll will soft launch in select countries a week today, on February 23. The countries in question are Singapore, Malaysia, and Canada.

Higan: Eruthyll is an upcoming RPG that features real-time combat mechanics, and focuses largely on strategy. In the game, you play as the Director, and the story centres around the Gopher Troupe resisting the arrival of Fantasyland.

Soft Launch

Fans have anticipated Higan: Eruthyll for months now. The game went up for pre-registration way back in November. It was around this time that Bilibili stated it was aiming for an early 2023 release date.

It seems as though the developer may have met it’s aims, as the soft launch in other countries is usually shortly followed up by an official launch. However, we must remind you that nothing is confirmed yet, so take our speculation with a pinch of salt.

Global Release

While we don’t know when it will launch across the globe, a soft-launch in selected countries definitely hints that the game’s full release could be soon. In a Reddit post discussing Bilibili’s announcement on r/gachagaming, eager fans speculate on when this might be.

One user, @Priconne, theorises “We had beta like 2-3 months ago? At this point we can expect the game to be out at least in April.”

When replying to a user asking the usual time between a soft-launch and a global launch, user @archefayte writes “It could be a month, it could be several months, it could even be days.”

Pre-Registration Bonuses

With the full Higan: Eruthyll release growing closer and closer, the time to pre-register to redeem goodies after the launch grows shorter. If you’re in Canada, Malaysia, or Singapore, this short window is only seven days.

As 700,000 players have already pre-registered, the rewards currently consist of 30,000 credits, 10 Fine Wit potions, 2 Advanced Eitr Enhancers, and 6000 Starlight Revelations.

You can sign up for the Higan: Eruthyll pre-registration now on Google Play.

Meanwhile, have a read of our article that dives deeper into the Higan: Eruthyll Pre-Registration Rewards.

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