Higan: Eruythll’s Global Release Is Here

Feature image for our Higan: Eruthyll global release news. It shows an in-game cutscene. This features a character with blonde hair, orange eyes with black sclera, and red petals blooming from her shoulder on a background of dark walls and red leaves.

The Higan: Eruthyll global release has arrived, and if you’ve not been in one of the lucky regions to have it early, you can pick up the RPG now on Google Play.

A release from video and games giant BiliBili, the game has set out to win over a global audience at a fairly daring time in the calendar, as the colossus that is Honkai: Star Rail looms only a few weeks away.

That’s not to say that Higan: Eruthyll isn’t a massive title in its own right, with a lot that sets it apart from your run-of-the-mill gacha RPG.

The Story Gets Kind Of Weird And We’re Here For It

Higan: Eruthyll is a lovely-looking tactical RPG set in a fantasy land. Literally, it’s called Fantasyland. There’s also a real world, which is still fairly fantastical. There’s also a little axolotl-rabbit tutorial monster who is actually trying to steal your body. A lot is going on. Just run with it.

You take on the role of a protagonist with no idea of how he got there, scooped up by the friendly Gopher Troupe. The protagonist comes to act as the troupe’s Director, coordinating the fighters in battle and determining their moves and position on the field.

The devs realize the whole thing in a pretty stunning art style, both in its graphical fidelity, and its design. The characters are all really distinct and have their own individual styles that prevent your available roster from becoming anonymous and dull.

Great Visual Design

Not only is this flair for design applied to the friendly characters, but the enemies clearly have a ton of work put into them. From the bulky knight-like grunts to soldiers with Victorian street lamps for heads, the visuals are anything but generic.

It’s not all smooth sailing for gacha lovers though. If you’re the kind of player who spends launch day furiously rerolling for your dream team, this news might disappoint you. At global release, guest accounts aren’t available, and you’ll have to log in with an existing account.

This may put a few people off, if a lot of your enjoyment of a gacha comes from putting together the most optimized team early on.

If you’re just there for the ride, it might not be an issue for you. The ride is certainly an enjoyable one.

Starting out in Higan: Eruthyll and want to get a flying start? Check out our Higan: Eruthyll codes guide for some free items to help you kick off your run in style.

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