Higurashi Mei x School Days Collab Shocks Horror Anime Fans

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The Higurashi Mei x School Days collab has begun! This event has caught the attention of many gacha and anime fans – mainly due to the polar opposite themes of both franchises (sort of). We’re not too sure what the event entails just yet, but from the looks of it, you can obtain characters from the School Days series! We assume the collab includes the main characters such as Katsura Kotonoha, Saionji Sekai, or Itou Makato.

What Can I Do in the Game?

Higurashi Mei has a notable portfolio of collabs over its lifetime so far, with series such as Umineko and Senran Kagura! The game itself features fast-paced combat, as well as a range of gacha banners to pull on. Whether you want a specific character, or brand-new outfits, you can use the in-game currency to try your luck! 

Players of the game adore the soundtrack, with well-known voice actors working on the project, as well as the amazing theme sung by the talented Ayane – who works on many Higurashi projects! While Higurashi has a visual novel game, Higurashi Mei brings in an entirely new form of gameplay which focuses heavily on RPG elements.

You can learn more about the game on the official website!

School Days? What’s That?

School Days is an odd one to collaborate with, but if you’re an avid anime fan, you probably know the plot of School Days. Without adding spoilers to this article, let’s just say School Days takes a turn throughout the series – from comedy to pure horror. In short, it’s no surprise that School Days is next in line for a Higurashi Mei collaboration. 

What is Higurashi?

The Higurashi franchise is a well-known horror series amongst anime fans. The gacha game first came out in 2020, with the original anime airing back in 2007. It’s easily one of the most chilling anime franchises out there. 

Make sure to bookmark our news page to keep up to date with the latest gacha news – and the most recent updates to Higurashi Mei! Fore more information about the collab, and about the game itself, take a look at the official Twitter page.

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