Historical strategy game First Hero soft launches in France and Spain

Korean developer Webzen has made quite the name for itself in mobile RPG circles with the massively popular 3D RPG MU Origin, as well as Shot Online Golf, its mobile port of the revolutionary golfing RPG.

The studio’s latest game, First Hero, looks set to continue its winning streak.

First Hero is a real-time strategy game, but laced with RPG elements. It sees you recruiting and levelling up heroes and then pitting them against rival warriors in battle.

The emphasis is on strategy. You have to strike a balance between fortifying your own stronghold and expanding your territory through conquest and diplomacy. For your troubles you can win crystals, resources, heroes, and more.

The game has been out in soft launch since March. Since then, players have been giving the developers feedback on how the game plays. As a result, Webzen has applied numerous tweaks, including diagonal movement, an improved tutorial for less experienced players, and more visually exciting battle and motion effects.

Holding out for a First Hero

First Hero’s unique selling point is the way it lets you recruit real heroes from history, each with their own characteristics and weapons. You’ll amass an army consisting of military figures from Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, but also from historical civilisations that are less familiar to western gamers, such as Thailand’s.

Play First Hero and you just might learn something.

You’ll definitely have a lot of fun, Alliance Domain Conquests, or in the massive single-player Adventure mode.

The first phase of First Hero’s soft launch saw it coming out in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and the Philippines. The second phase, starting on July 11th, adds France and Spain to that list. If you live in either of those territories: enjoy the game you lucky sod.

The rest of us will have to wait a bit longer. You can find the game’s official site here.



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