Hit Flash game Steambirds now available for Android

Steambirds started life out as a Flash game online originally developed by Spry Fox. Semi Secret, developers of the cult classic Flash game Canabalt, got a hold of it and it has become very popular since it was released and has now made its way to iPhone and Android Markets. This is a turn-based combat/strategy game with some pretty fun graphics, set in a dogfighting style game.

Your job is pretty simple, destroy all the enemy planes using a variety of weapons such as missiles, gun and bombs. Remember this is turn-based so you’ll have to plan your moves carefully including where your plane will fly to and who to attack. You will be dealing with multiple enemies at any given time and you have 20 missions to complete.


  • Fun graphics
  • Unique turn-based dogfight gameplay
  • 20 missions
  • Easy touch screen controls


While the game itself is pretty good, the developer states that should the game become popular, then they will develop more levels for free. A good try to promote sales but honestly a developer should always update their games even just once with fresh content regardless of whether or not the sales are good.

With that said, Steambirds is a good game offering a new unique way to play an aerial dogfight type of game. You can try it out for free with the Demo version or pick up the full version for $0.99. Now we just need Semi Secret to release Canabalt for Android.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Developer Website: Spry Fox | Semi Secret

Direct Market Link: Steambirds

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