Hit unique indie adventure game Lume arrives to captivate you

A hit indie adventure game that is currently available for the PC, Mac and iOS has finally crossed the mobile ocean and arrived onto Android. Developed by State of Play Games, Lume is an incredible unique game where the world is made out of cardboard and paper. Don’t go thinking this is a ‘Doodle’ style game though!

Lume is an incredibly great looking adventure game with a very unique style about it. We often talk about indie games and how they usually will have a different sort of visual style to them over the more high-end or mass produced games out there. This isn’t a bad thing though and, in fact, is usually a very good thing. In Lume‘s case, the visuals are just one feature that will draw you into this unique word of paper and cardboard.

In Lume you are just relaxing in your house when suddenly the power goes out. Upon checking around and looking for your grandad, you notice that he has disappeared as well. This is the beginning of your little adventure where not only are you looking for a way to restore power to your house through ingenious eco-technology, but will also end up diving into the mystery surrounding the power outage. Roaming around a rather surreal looking world, you will be solving challenging puzzles while on your adventure to find out what is going on.

State of Play Games and Lume were nominated for numerous awards since the game’s release including Excellence in Visual Art Finalist – IGF Awards 2012, Develop Indie Showcase Shortlisted Game 2012, and Jay is Games Best of 2011 Award- Indie Puzzle Category. The game’s visuals were actually handcrafted and animated which is how it achieves it’s unique look and we literally mean handcrafted. Check out the process on the official website.

Fans of unique indie games will definitely want to check out Lume. Now is especially a good time to do so as the game is on sale to celebrate it’s release on Android with 70% off of the regular price. You can pick up Lume off of the Google Play store or through our Google Play synced catalog for $1.25 on sale ($4.99 regular price).

Developer Website: State of Play Games

Google Play Link: Lume

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