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Hitman GO is Free Right Now on Android

Hitman GO, one of Square Enix’s three revolutionary GO titles based on home console franchises, is currently free on Google Play. It usually costs $6.99.

Like its stablemates Lara Croft GO and Deus Ex GO, Hitman GO takes a blockbuster action franchise and re-imagines it as a turn-based puzzler. You’ll still don disguises, sneak up on victims, use distractions, and wield different weapons, but in boardgame form. 

The presentation is outstanding and ingenious, with the game characters represented as figures on a game board, complete with little discs of plastic to stand on. It’s lovely. 

Lara Croft GO recently went free, so there’s every reason to hope that Deus Ex GO will follow this sale. In the meantime, get Hitman GO on your phone immediately. 

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