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A New Indie RPG Hole Of Abaddon Is Both Nostalgic And Creepy

Feature image for our Hole Of Abaddon news piece. It shows an in-game battle screen, fighting an 'imp', a green goblin-like creature with long pointy fingers.

A new first-person RPG dropped onto Google Play recently. Hole Of Abaddon looks weird, a bit creepy, and feels a bit like a 90s throwback, so we thought we’d take a closer look.

Hole Of Abaddon is an RPG with a distinctly retro feel, with a UI that brings to mind first-person RPGs like the Might And Magic titles of the late 80’s and early 90’s, though the backgrounds and monsters might be slightly higher fidelity.

This Island Has Some Weird Wildlife

They’re not your average monsters either. The enemies in Hole Of Abaddon are often creepy eldritch horrors that look like they’ve crawled out of the pages of a Lovecraft novel, with hugh toothy mouths and no obvious eyes. Eurgh.

At least you don’t need to feel too bad about the quantities you’ll exterminate if you turn on autobattle. This is a function in Hole Of Abaddon, though you’ll have to fight the bosses without the game helping you out.

It’s not just battles though, crafting is a big part of the game. You gather materials and loot as you go, but to get the more interesting stuff you need to work with them.

Crafting Time

There’s ore processing, material mixing, and alchemy, with an element of randomness in what you get in the end, so you might need to experiment a little to get what you need.

Between puzzles, monsters, and keeping on top of your equipment, you need to have your wits about you throughout. Hole Of Abaddon is not designed to be an easy game, though if you’re looking for a classic RPG experience, you probably wouldn’t want it to be.

Sound like your kind of thing? You can pick up Hole Of Abaddon now via the listing on Google Play.

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