MiHoYo To Host Honkai: Star Rail Livestream

Feature image for our Honkai: Star Rail livestream news piece. It shows the announcement image, with a character waving. There are also pictures of several character bundles.

A livestream is set to air next week revealing all new information on Honkai: Star Rail.

In an announcement via the official Honkai: Star Rail Twitter account, HoYoverse named the date and time for the livestream which seems to promise answers to a lot of burning questions about the huge new title.

The stream takes place on March 24th and 7:30 pm UTC+8, that’ll be 11:30 am in the UK, or 6:30 am Eastern Standard Time.

Answers To Our Questions?

According to the tweet, the content of the stream involves Da Wei, the character persona of MiHoYo founder, Liu Wei. He will introduce ‘various features and events in the game’s release version’. It’s going to be a great time to get some idea of what we can expect in the finished product when it releases in April.

MiHoYo is clearly pretty keen for people to spread the word about the event, as they’re offering rewards for players who quote the livestream tweet along with their HoYoverse account ID and #StarRailSpecialProgram. There are sixty character bundles up for grabs to lucky tweeters.

Honkai: Star Rail is the latest in the Honkai series. The ‘Star Rail’ in the title is quite a literal one, referring to an interplanetary train system that your character will be using to cross through space..

You’re The Star, But Not I A Good Way

Your player character, the Trailblazer, is an artificial human who houses a Stellaron inside their body. This mysterious object is very powerful, a bit sentient, and capable of causing massive amounts of destruction unchecked.

It doesn’t take a lot to potentially knock the star seed inside of you into weapon of mass destruction status. It’s a pretty stressful way to begin your existence, especially when the Voidrangers and monsters start showing up.

Fortunately, you won’t be facing these trials alone. Your newly befriended space train crew will be at your side. With the nature of the game you’re sure to pick up plenty of new faces on your travels.

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