10 Million Pre-Registrations and Counting for Honkai Star Rail

feature image for our honkai star rail milestone news, the image features official promo art of a character from the game as he floats and holds his weapon while smiling, he also has a metal tail, with a cityscape and the moon behind him, there is also a screenshot of the character bailu from the game as she turns around and holds a pot, while blue waves swirl around her as she stands by a building

Honkai Star Rail has smashed through yet another pre-registration milestone, with over ten million players signing up to play the upcoming gacha when it launches later this month.

As with many other gacha games, HoYoverse is providing you with a ton of freebies at launch just for signing up. The final milestone for rewards was at the five million mark, which Star Rail achieved quickly.

It’s not clear at this point whether HoYoverse will provide additional rewards to celebrate this doubling of the final milestone.

A New Competition

However, we do know that HoYoverse is hosting an exciting competition to celebrate. All you have to do is retweet the original tweet announcing the giveaway to be in with a chance to win a $100 gift card – make sure to enter before April 25. HoYoverse will announce the winners within ten working days after the entry period ends. 

Turn Based Combat – Good or Bad?

Additionally, the CN server is currently sitting at the 21+ million mark. Allegedly, it hit the ten million pre-registration milestone two months ago.

It’s a little surprising that there’s such a disparity between the global servers and CN. With Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd being two of the most popular gacha games worldwide, we expected the worldwide pre-registrations to skyrocket by this point.

Fans are theorising that this may be because of the turn-based combat in Honkai Star Rail, as many are put off by this style. Personally, we can’t wait to see how HoYoverse implements the iconic turn-based system.

Success is Guaranteed

If you haven’t done so yet and wish to pre-register for Honkai Star Rail, you can do so on the game’s official website. For a closer look at the pre-registration rewards, we recently reported on them to provide you with all the juicy details. If you’re looking for new games to play while you wait, check out our Best Android Gacha Games guide.

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