Honkai Star Rail’s PlayStation Release Window Announced in Summer Game Fest 2023

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Honkai Star Rail’s PlayStation release window was finally revealed in last night’s Summer Game Fest. It’s set for a Q4 2023 launch, but there is no concrete date as of right now.

If you don’t want to wait until Q4 to play Honkai Star Rail on PlayStation, you can download the game on Google Play or grab the PC client via the official website.

Quite a While to Wait…

All we know is that the PlayStation version will be released between October to December. While it’s great news for console players, who have been waiting patiently for this announcement, it’s still a long way away. Yes, we’re currently speeding through June, but PlayStation players will have to wait until the latter half of the year to finally get their hands on the game.

While console players can play Honkai Star Rail on mobile, it’s important to keep in mind that some people do not have devices that can run the game. Furthermore, a Q4 release means PlayStation players are going to miss out on a ton of fresh content and events between now and the launch.

Replayable Events

Although, we did report on an exciting new feature in Honkai Star Rail earlier this week. Players will be able to revisit past events, which is perfect for those wanting to play on a PlayStation console. This means new players won’t miss out on lore drops, character development, and a plethora of event rewards. 

The timing of both announcements is fantastic, and PlayStation users can now rest assured that they won’t be left in the dirt once Q4 of 2023 rolls around. However, it’s bittersweet that those players will be starting the game at least 6 months after mobile and PC players.

A Bittersweet Announcement

It was speculated that the PlayStation release would be much sooner than this, especially with how successful Honkai Star Rail has been since its worldwide launch in late April of this year. 

Sadly, this has left some fans disappointed, with some believing that they don’t see the point of switching from mobile to PlayStation once it eventually comes out due to the large time gap.

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