Honkai Star Rail Players Can Revisit Past Events, While Genshin Players Are Still Waiting

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Honkai Star Rail plans to add a special new feature to the game. Past events and stories will be accessible to all players. Additionally, those that didn’t take part in the events when they originally ran, will obtain rewards by playing through them.

“Conventional Memoir” is a new section in the Travel Log that allows you to revisit missed events. This is perfect for those who start the game at a later date, especially players who are waiting for the game’s release on PlayStation. 

For more information about the game, visit the official website. You can also download Honkai Star Rail on Google Play.

But…What About Genshin?

While this is good news for Honkai Star Rail Players, it’s left a bitter taste in the mouths of Genshin Impact fans. Players of the latter have been wanting this feature to be added to the open-world gacha game for a long time, but HoYoverse has implemented it into Star Rail instead. 

Despite the game being new, it seems to be receiving QoL updates that Genshin players could only wish of having. For example, there have been large events in Gneshin Impact that include important lore and charming character development. Those that don’t take part in these events will miss out on crucial details for the overall world-building, which is a real shame. 

Which Events Are Replayable?

It’s important to note that not all events will be replayable in Conventional Memoir. We’re not too sure at the moment which type of events can be repeated. However, we speculate that it will be the events that contain companion storylines, rewards, and lore. For instance, the companion mission, “Punklorde Mentality” will be available to play even after the limited-time event ends.

The big question is, will Genshin Impact get this feature? Only time will tell. Because HoYoverse has created Conventional Memoir for Honkai Star Rail, there’s a possibility that they could add something similar to Genshin. 

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