Hoyoverse Releases Silver Wolf Trailer As May Revenue Doubles Genshin Impact’s

feature image for our honkai star rail silver wolf news, the image features a screenshot from her trailer, with a piece of promo art of her stretching, with her name at the top and text that reads "stellaron hunter" as she is surrounded by gaming related symbols

The brand-new Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf trailer dropped just a few hours ago! She was officially confirmed to be making an appearance on her own banner during the previous live stream event, and it’s only a couple of days away, with the release of 1.1 just around the corner. 

Silver Wolf’s New Trailer

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, check it out down below! Curious about Honkai Star Rail? Visit the official website for more information.

In regards to her trailer, it’s an awesome piece of work. It suits her character perfectly, with the 8-bit music and retro gaming elements throughout. While it doesn’t share much about her lore, it does give us a glimpse into what her skill set offers. Whether or not her banner will beat the success of Jing Yuan’s, we’ll have to wait and see.

Players already got a taste of her gameplay at the start of Honkai Star Rail’s main storyline, and she quickly became a favourite with her flashy animations and unique style. Plus, she may be familiar to those who played Honkai Impact 3rd – in fact, they included a nice little nod to Bronya Zaychik at the beginning of the trailer.

Skyrocketing Revenue

As mentioned above, Jing Yuan’s banner was extremely successful for Hoyoverse. The combination of Honkai Star Rail’s first and second banners has boosted the game’s revenue exponentially. Furthermore, the total May revenue for Honkai Star Rail was higher than Genshin Impact’s – which is an impressive feat.

With Seele’s banner being the first in Honkai Star Rail, revenue was already doing well. However, it wasn’t until Jing Yuan’s release that in-game purchases suddenly skyrocketed. Just minutes after his banner launched, the Stellar Jade Crystal top-up system was broken for the CN server.
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