Bring your Astral Appetites! Honkai: Star Rail Teams Up with Sprinkles

The feature image for news on Honkai: Star Rail Teams Up with Sprinkles has the cupcakes launched in the collab!

Spacefaring adventures can be yummy! Honkai: Star Rail just celebrated its first year in orbit! To celebrate, Honkai: Star Rail Teams Up with Sprinkles bakery chain to launch a limited-edition line of out-of-this-world cupcakes—or at least, out of this bakery display case.

Each sweet treat unlocks a special redemption code, granting you 30 Stellar Jades. It’s an in-game currency that’ll boost your cosmic power. It’s like finding a hidden loot chest in every bite! As with any good space journey, there is a catch: supplies are limited. Get your credit card ready because this one is about to take off!

They have bakeries across the United States! If you’re in Arizona, you’re in luck – they have a location there! They also have shops in California, DC, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, New York, Texas, and Utah.

Limited-Edition Treats

There’s no telling what this limited-edition cupcake tastes like, but it’s meant to honor the first year of the game. It could be a swirl of starlight and nebula filling, or it could be a taste that goes beyond the known world. The only way to decipher this delicious code is to snag your cupcake while supplies last!

That’s right. You can indulge in these delightful citrus treats from the comfort of your home base. Set your delivery date between April 15th and 21st to secure your cosmic citrus fix. Remember, these cupcakes won’t last forever, so boldly go where no taste bud has gone before and ensure your sweet loot today!

Now because Honkai: Star Rail Teams Up with Sprinkles, these cupcakes might sell out faster than a comet streaking through the atmosphere. So, if you want to get your hands (or should we say mouths) on these, it’s best to pre-order.

You can pick them up or deliver them to any Sprinkles bakery or even grab them from their bakery ATMs (this is space cake, after all). Head over to Sprinkle’s website to order the cupcakes!

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