Hopiko Gives You The Opportunity to Save Video Games From Extinction

Laser Dog, the developer of the popular endless runner Alone, is back with a new game about saving video games. Called Hopiko, video games are all but destroyed because of the enemies, the Nanobytes, wrecking havoc in the world consisting of retro-style visuals.

Described by the developer as a “lightning fast mobile platformer with no onscreen controller.” The character hops from platforms and teleports between pipes/canons floating in mid air. Movement is set at a fast pace, so the challenge will most likely come from handling the speed.¬†While we don’t know how the game will be played exactly, we do know it will have a fantastic soundtrack. In order to get the retro sound they wanted, Laser Dog composed the soundtrack on a Game Boy. You can listen to a few of the tracks right now on Bandcamp.

Hopiko is set for a release on Android, along with iOS, on a yet to be specified date this summer. The soundtrack alone is a big enough push for me to check this game out.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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