Horizon Chase for Android Gets New Tracks and a New Car in Summer Vibes DLC

Horizon Chase, the highly acclaimed arcade racer from Aquiris, has just been updated with the Summer Vibes DLC.

The new content, which came to PC and console way back in 2019, includes a new convertible roadster and 12 new tracks to race on. Well, sort of new. These tracks are “handpicked from the main campaign and redesigned for this Summer experience”.

The latest race starts in larger coastal cities, ventures into the desert, passes through the countryside, and ends up at the beach. Sounds like a good day out to us.

Note, we’re working off the description for Summer Vibes on Steam, because the “What’s New” update on the Horizon Chase Google Play Store page is being unhelpfully unforthcoming with the facts. All it says is, “Summer Vibes Expansion Pack and In-game Store added”.

So, if you’ve got the game installed, there’ll be some new content waiting for you when you next boot it up.

Horizon Chase is available on the Google Play Store.

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