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Horizon Chase – World Tour is Now Just 99c to Fully Unlock

horizon chase

Horizon Chase – World Tour, Aquiris’s impeccable retro arcade racer, is now just 99c to unlock in full, as spotted by an observant Reddit user. 

The game, which has made the jump to PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One after a hugely successful launch on mobile, is an arcade racing game with powerful echoes of OutRun, Lotus Esprit, and other 16-bit driving games.

It sees you racing from checkpoint to checkpoint on a series of scenic, albeit conspicuously flat, routes. You’ll drive through rain, towards sunsets, through volcanic ashes, and so on, all while listening to a soundtrack created by Barry Leitch, who wrote the (awesome) music for Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge.

You can download Horizon Chase on Google Play right now. It’s free, with a 99c IAP to unlock everything.

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